Insider’s Guide to Dubrovnik is not a traditional paper book like the ones you get in your local bookstore. This is a so called eBook or “electronic book”. You can download the eBook and read it on your desktop computer or your notebook. Of course, you can also print parts of this guide or all of it. It’s totally up to you.

Since this eBook is created in the popular PDF-format – you can read it whether you are an Apple-, Microsoft Windows-, or Linux user. The only thing you need to view the PDF-book is the Adobe Acrobat reader which you can download for free.

I feature more than 70 color photos and make it very easy for you to access many useful Dubrovnik travel related resources. Handy weblinks is one of the advantages of eBooks. But there are some more:

  • No wating! An eBook is delivered within seconds. And therefore you also have no shipping to pay for.
  • After you dowloaded your e-guide – you can start reading instantly!
  • Paper books take a looooong time to produce. Making quick updates is nearly impossible. With an e-guide on the other hand I can make updates all the time!
  • Whenever I find a new gem, I simply update my e-guide. And of course, you’ll be instantly notified of any changes. Please keep in mind that the Insider’s Guide to Dubrovnik has current information, prices and suggestions for 2011!
  • An eBook is versatile, portable and convenient. And it saves trees too!

Insider’s Guide to Dubrovnik focuses on the real, authentic Dubrovnik with cultural insights and practical travel tips which help you make your Croatia trip high on enjoyment and low in frustration.

Traditional books or travel guides are valuable resources when it comes to plan places to visit, to lodge and to eat. But if you want to visit Dubrovnik and don’t feel just like another tourist, then this e-guide is for you.

Written by a travel-savvy Croatia enthusiast and enriched with 70+ photographs and “real life” travel experiences, this eBook will help you to discover the real Dubrovnik. It’s like having your personal guide showing you around the top spots. Get ready to plunge yourself in a fulfilling travel experience that will stay in your mind as nothing less than a fabulous and memorable holiday!

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