Croatia: Eco-destination of the week

This up-and-coming destination is cheaper than its counterparts in Western Europe but no less attractive in terms of beauty, affordability and sustainability.

Croatia occupies some of the most prime real estate, from a tourism and scenery perspective, in all of the Balkans. Its sliver-shaped coastal region on the Adriatic Sea has been drawing plugged-in travelers, budget-conscious vacationers and next-best-thing seekers for years. The country’s inland heartland boasts mountains, forests and the flood plains of the famous Danube River. The capital, Zagreb, and the coastal towns of Dubrovnik and Split have become cosmopolitan places with big-city traits like buzzing nightlife, diverse food scenes and plenty of culture. (…)

With diverse geography and a cosmopolitan vibe, Croatia has become one of Europe’s new guard of destinations: cheaper than its Western European counterparts, but equally attractive according to most visitors. Eco-tourists will appreciate the wide range of small-scale sleeping options, a growing green-eating scene, a useful public transportation infrastructure, and a diverse set of natural attractions.

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