Imotski is a small town in Croatia situated near the Bosnian border with a population of less than 5000 inhabitants and has a significant influence on the historical, cultural, economical and political life of the Croatian people.

Imotski is also known as medieval fortress town in ancient times and ruins of an old fortress can still be seen on the hills above the town.

Unlike other towns in Croatia Imotski is known for its education system with lots of primary and secondary schools.

The landmark and natural beauty of Imotski is the two famous lakes called the two eyes of Imotski, the blue lake and the red lake. Blue lake is a protected natural monument shaped like a kidney and is a typical karst lake and red lake is the deepest karst lake in the whole of Croatia and Europe and it is a protected monument too.

Topana Tower near the blue lake is one of the oldest Croatian towers built in the 9th century with a small church known as the lady of angels which was built as a gratitude to the people of imotski who had helped in the battle against ottoman in the 18th century.

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