LASTOVO: Green island dipped into the blue of the Adriatic Sea

Lastovo is a green island dipped into the blue of the Adriatic Sea, studded with a sequence of 45 little silver islands and cliffs in the south of Dalmatia.

Miraculously preserved from the effects of industrial civilisation, the entire Lastovo archipelago was declared a nature park.


The island settlement of the same name is positioned amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill over fertile fields and is famous for its imaginative chimneys, well preserved folk costumes and a peculiar carnival.

The festival of modern music (jazz, blues, rock, punk, soul, hip-hop…) has recently been established as one of the most interesting summer events on the Adriatic.


For those who love and appreciate intact natural surroundings, the crystal clear sea, the lonely bays, the fascinating underwater world, indigenous gastronomic delights – all for the purpose of thoroughly relaxing the body and soul – Lastovo is the ideal choice. (



Photo: Croatian National Tourist Board

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