“The trails of Lipizzaners and minks” – is the name of the recently introduced, four million kuna worth project, which entails the renovating of about a hundred kilometers of trails for pedestrians, cyclists and riders in the area of Lipik and Pakrac. They will be properly marked and properly equipped. The project also includes renovation of five destinations: Lake Raminac, Omanovac, Pjeskara and Pakurnovac as well as the cross country circular trail as an integral part of the Cycling Park Psunj.

The project aims to consolidate and strengthen the tourism potential of Pakrac and Lipik through the development of public tourism infrastructure, and thus attract more visitors.

Lipik, a sweet little town at the entrance to Slavonia is one of the jewels of continental tourism. Located in a valley of the River Pakra and surrounded by ancient forests, Psunj greets visitors as the keeper of tradition. Specifically, this area has been inhabited since the Romans, when sources of medicinal water were discovered. In the mid 18th century one of the first sources of mineral water in Europe was put into function and which started off the development of the thermal spa. In the 19th century villas and hotels were built around the thermal grounds and famous Kursalon, Wandelbahn and garden with gazebo and fountains attracted visitors from all over Europe. With this, Lipik became a famous tourist destination.

Thanks to the unique location and environment of the Lipik area, hunting tourism also developed. Lowland-highland type hunting grounds, stretching across 17 000 hectares are abundant in large and small game, while nearby lakes provide year-round challenge for fishermen. The area of Lipik is habitat to180 species of waterbirds.

The name Pakrac was first mentioned in 1229, although some archaeological findings show that there was life here even in the ancient times. Pakrac fortress from the 12th century is mentioned in the documents of the Knights Templar, as having the form of an irregular pentagon with seven towers with walls. [Croatia.hr]


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