Top 10 alternative hang-outs in Zagreb

December 8, 2012 crod 0

Zagreb is teeming with museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas and architectural curios, from the 16th-century Gornji Grad (old town/upper town) to a lower town replete with Austro-Hungarian art […]


A User’s Guide To Zagreb

November 23, 2012 crod 0

Croatian capital Zagreb is fun, walkable and getting ready for EU membership –and prices are as friendly as the locals. Here are some highlights from […]


Fun under the Croatian sun

April 3, 2012 crod 0

Croatia is a top holiday destination and has endless strethces of beaches, eight glorious national parks to explore and diverting urban centres, such as Zagreb […]


Every girl has a travel dream

January 27, 2012 crod 0

Croatia has stunningly beautiful coast, sea and lots of islands, rich history, greeeat food, beautiful capital city Zagreb, nice people and great climate with a […]