The Croatian edition of Metalfest, which will be held on a unique location on the peninsula Puntamika in Zadar, grants you a unique Mediterranean atmosphere and summer on the Adriatic coast, and has one additional attraction for you, that no other metal festival can offer.

Imagine that after the concert evening, you can relocate that evening onto a special ‘Holiday Metal’ boat, which will take you into the unknown sea that lies before Zadar from 1 am to 6 am. It’s a drive for one of the most beautiful island archipelagos. Hundreds of islands surround Zadar, which you will discover in an unprecedented way, with a large tourist boat called ‘Barba Ivo’, that will be ready to host the 150 fastest Headbangers every evening of Metalfest, who manage to ‘book’ this unusual adventure. Notice that information about the booking will be available at the info-desk of Metalfest. The boat has only 150 seats, and the price of a journey is just 10 Euros.



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