The Travel Channel invites tourists to visit Croatia

One of the most viewed American television channels, The Travel Channel, portrayed the beauty of Croatia in the show “Win a trip of a lifetime” calling on viewers to take part in a competition with the main prize being a trip to Croatia, the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) reported this past week.

The one-hour show was televised on 27 January and introduced viewers to some of the most interesting and attractive parts of Croatia and Italy and invited viewers to take part in the competition on their website at and be in the running for a trip worth USD 100,000. The show portrayed scenes of Rovinj, Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik, with positive raves of the hotels, beaches and full of praise for an unforgettable experience of fine food at each of these locations.

At the same time several articles were published on the channel’s website which has over a million views each month. The articles resulted following cooperation between the HTZ’s New York office and local tourist boards who directed American travel reporters to the most attract tourist sights in Croatia.

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