The website VirtualTourist as placed Zagreb at the high sixth position among the Top Ten European cities. This internet travel portal has 1.3 million registered members who share their opinions and reviews and thus help their fellow travellers with travel information, such as recommendations as to which destinations to visit.
In describing Zagreb, VirtualTourist subscribers state that although the beauties of the Adriatic are already well known, the capital of Croatia certainly merits a visit.
They highlight the attractiveness of the Upper Town, which most of them reach by the funicular, and then a visit to Lotršcak. One simply must not miss the Church of St. Mark with its emblematic multicoloured roof. VirtualTourist subscribers also praise the Zagreb Cathedral which they recommend to all those who love architecture and history. Another interesting experience is taking a shortcut through Oktogon, a shopping arcade in the Lower Town.
The list of Top Ten cities in Europe includes Lvov (Ukraine), Hamburg (Germany), Vilnius (Lithuania), Valencia (Spain), Porto (Portugal), Zagreb (Croatia) Valletta (Malta), Budapest (Hungary), Riga (Latvia) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).


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