When the year ends for majority of marathon runners, and Europe is putting on winter cloths and skis, a sunny Crikvenica is preparing a real sport treat entitled Adria Event Marathon.

The marathon takes place every first Advent in the year. Although young, Adria Advent Marathon showed at its premiere in 2011, a large potential and peculiarity, gathered and united marathon runners from the entire world who, for the first time in the history of Crikvenica, run the total of 42.195 meters by the sea.

Without the fear that they will taste the pleasure of their stay only half-heartedly, those who are less enduring, amateurs and citizens may try themselves in a semi-marathon, a race of 21.975 m.

An impressive scene of the race by the sea, pleasurable mingling, a passion for sports and recreation, as well as a challenge to participate in, are only a few of the reasons to visit Crikvenica at the time the marathon takes place, which is included in the competition of Croatia for road and mountain running.

Further information may be found at the official page of Adria Advent Marathon: http://www.adria-marathon.eu/.
Telephone +385(0)51 784 101


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