Učka Nature park

More than a hundred years ago ships arrived to Opatija and as part of the excursion of the Opatija Riviera, a carriage ride was offered to the top of Mountain Učka where one could have breakfast with a beautiful view of Istria and Kvarner. These memories could be revived with the “Cable Car Učka” project. Tourists would board a 60 people gondola in Medveja and in less than ten minutes would find themselves at the top of Učka (Vojak) after a five kilometre ride, where plans are being made for the opening of a restaurant. This is a project worth 14 million euro, which should be ready for implementation by the end of this year.

The first ideas about linking the coast and mountain Učka with panoramic cable cars came about in 1911.

Učka represents a true jewel of Istria and Kvarner because of its attractiveness, availability, location, elevation, luscious forest vegetation, protected and endemic species of flora and fauna. Učka is a real tourist attraction and under its top there are several exceptional restaurants and accommodation facilities. Within the borders of the Park there is a special geomorphologic monument of nature Vela Draga, which can be reached by following a geological educational trail. Along with the natural values, the indigenous cultural and architectural heritage, as well as traditional agriculture, gastronomy should be pointed out with some interesting original products, such as chestnuts, honey, biska brandy, asparagus, Lovran and Učka cherries – that grow at 1000 meters above sea level and ripen in early July.

Around 50 mountaineering trails are marked with sign posts in the area of the Park. There are also eight trails for mountain biking, around 60-odd climbing routes on limestone pillars and rocks of Vela Draga, while for hang gliders and paragliders there are take off and landing areas at Brgud and Vojak.


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