The 10 most alluring world heritage sites to live in:
1. Split, Croatia, inscribed 1979: live in the remains of an ancient Roman palace.
2. The Stone Town of Zanzibar, Tanzania, inscribed 2000: Swahili trading port that time passed by.
3. Bruges, Belgium, inscribed in 2000: great food in romantic medieval streets.
4. Old Havana, Cuba, inscribed in 1982: gently decaying bohemian charm.
5. Campeche, Mexico, inscribed 1999: beguiling fortified colonial port on the Caribbean.
6. Venice, Italy, inscribed 1987: so famous it hardly needs to be a world heritage site.
7. Carcassonne, France, inscribed 1997: medieval fantasy, but beware tourist blight.
8. City of Bath, UK, inscribed 1987: elegance, sophistication and shopping.
9. Medina of Marrakech, inscribed 1985: more shopping, in old-world Arab centre.
10. Macao, China, inscribed in 2005: east meets west in cosmopolitan port.

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